DPC Half Membership

This membership is for the rider that is busy competing/working on weekends and/or has a significant study  loads and cannot attend all rallies.

The Half membership includes six prepaid rallies and has the option for attending addition rallies at reduced rate. This membership maintains great club options and allows the rider to compete all year at pony club levels (unless an adult rider) as long as minimum attendance is recorded (see PCAV rule 34.5)

For as little as $320 per year it’s a flexible value for money option that includes the PCAV 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance Cover.

* The following conditions apply to Half Memberships:

  • Prepaid rallies the rider is attending must be pre booked 1 week in advance via email
  • If rider attends more rallies than are included in their membership a $50 fee applies for each 3 lesson rally there after – these must be pre-booked 2 weeks in advance via email and are subject to availability
  • If rider attends a scheduled DPC rally not held on the BBEC grounds a $20 facility fee applies in addition to any other fees that maybe required


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